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 Tips to people who want to start live streaming? 

– First of all get a decent computer, watch some youtube videos how to setup streams. Create an identity for yourself and your stream. Make logos, banners and overlays. Make sure to prepare well, watch other streamers you like to learn from. Create all social media so you can communicate and promote your stream. Facebook group, twitter account, steamgroup, instagram etc…
– Make a good schedule and stick to it.You are hosting a tv show, people who want to watch you need to know when you go online.

 Why you started streaming as live to other peoples?

– I first started making youtube videos about Fifa Ultimate team as i was for a long period the best trader in the game and i wanted to share with people how i did it.Then people started asking me to stream it live…on twitch. Thats how i ended up on twitch. I loved to talk to people about gaming, life and mess around with. I always felt everybody was my friend and we always made a lot of fun.I like to laugh and share good vibes with people.

 Future of streaming?

– My future? I do not know.Streaming by itself is big and getting bigger each day wich is awesome.You can watch pro players stream and share their experience.

 Anything else what you want to say?

– Do not think streaming is easy, work hard, promote yourself and your stream to get out there. Always think, why do people watch, what do they want.
– I can tell you twitch changed my life in a positive way and it feels like i got friends all over the world.

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